Of course, the dependability of the web hosting service is among the most important aspects that you should check before you pick a hosting plan, but also the account administration procedure shouldn’t be unreasonably complicated. You wouldn’t like to log in and out of different platforms all the time to carry out a few simple tasks, would you? With the most popular Control Panels, there are no less than 2 accounts for a site – hosting and billing, so you will have to switch between two separate platforms to register a new domain name, then to host it and to upload the website files associated with it. It’d be much easier if you could manage everything associated with your domains in a single place and save a lot of time and energy, not to mention that it’d be much easier to complete specific tasks.

Feature-rich Domain Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with each semi-dedicated server plan that we offer, is an all-encompassing tool, which will give you absolute control over your account and which includes our feature-laden Domain Manager. The latter allows you to manage everything related to the domains in your account – both the registered and the hosted ones. The most vital options are all there – you can register or renew a domain name, add Whois Privacy Protection to it, park and forward it or update its WHOIS information. The Domain Manager, however, is much more than just a list of your domain names, plus a couple of conventional options. It is a cutting-edge tool, inside which you’ll discover fast-access buttons, using which you can easily create a database or an email account, access the web files pertaining to a particular domain or see detailed visitor stats and access logs. Albeit powerful, the Domain Manager tool is intuitive, so it can be used by persons with little or no experience.